With Our Shelve Style Booths

At The Brass Lantern, we fill like size matters… smaller sizes, that is. Sometimes, quality speaks over quantity, which is why we’ve created a shelve style spotlight featurette for some of our smaller vendors. So whether you're just starting out or been at it a while, consider our Spotlight Section a chance to showcase the best you have to offer.

it is important to us that you find the right fit to perfectly showcase your products. For that reason, we have taken the liberty of designing three different spotlight sizes to accommodate different product sizes and shapes.

Dimensions are below:

Large - 24in x 24in 

Medium -  16in x 16in 

Small -  12in x12in


What does it cost?

Great Question. Unlike our larger booths in the store, the Spotlight Section spaces are prices by set dimensions.

Is there a contract period?

Unlike are larger booths, there is no contract period for our Spotlight Section. While we do hope you keep you space fresh by changing and trying out different products from month to month or seasonly, there aren’t any obligations and payment can be made on an ongoing month to month basis. 

What is the percentage or consignment fee?

Our consignment fee is the same as our large booth spaces. 10%

What if I keep my items off site? Custom orders?

That’s total fine. We have consignors who build and make things that are custom fit to order. If you just want to keep sample products on hand and in-store only, we can have a customer order first and then pick up the item once its ready.

Can I rent more than one space at a time?

Yes, the more the merrier. if you find that you’ve outgrown one space and need an additional space or you decided to move to a larger Spotlight space, we can arrange that. 

Find a Place For Your Passion. 

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