At The Brass Lantern we don’t shy away from fashion. Whether you’re looking for clothing, shoes, hats, or handbags we’ve got the perfect look that will make your wardrobe smile. 

Imagine, every fashion boutique you’ve ever wanted lined up together to make the process of finding that impossible item now within each. No more scavenger hunts across town from store to store, just everything in one place for convenience and comfort. 

In addition to adult merchandise and clothing, we have several vendors who specialize in toddler and infant clothing. if you’re searching for something special for your little one, definitely come in to see what our vendors have to offer! 

Whether it’s an old piece of furniture, a priceless household heirloom, or a rare collectible, there’s usually a great story behind many of the items we sell. If you see one of our Antique Vendors, stop and speak with one of them. The antiques we carry make for great 

conversation and sometimes great history lessons too.  

Find a Place For Your Passion. 

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