At the Brass Lantern we appreciate and treasure the years gone by. Nostalgia and warm memories fill every person's eyes when they see our incredible array of antique products displayed on an everyday basis.

Truly unique and well cared for items is the standard our Vendors pride themselves on when sharing and displaying their timeless products for every customer that walks in our doors.

Whether it’s an old piece of furniture, a priceless household heirloom, or a rare collectible, there’s usually a great story behind many of the items we sell. If you see one of our Antique Vendors, stop and speak with one of them. The antiques we carry make for great conversation and sometimes great history lessons too.  

At The Brass Lantern, Antiques are the rarest and most unique items we sell. Sometimes, no two items are alike! Be sure to visit our store often and check in with us if you’re on the search for something specific. 

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